The JULAI Traditional HVLS fan is now in its eighth generation and boasts Danfoss VFD with ABM motors imported directly from Germany. This latest version of one of our most popular products results in an extremely silent operation with very high air volume circulation. It is highly recommended.

High Volume Low-Speed Industrial HVLS Fans Technical Parameters

Model Fan diameter Motor power Max speed Rated voltage Rated current Air volume Max coverage Weight Noise
FW-24 7.3m (24ft) 1.5kW 57rpm 380V/220V 3.6A/6.3 A 14800 m³/min 1850 m² 120kg 43dBA
FW-20 6.1m (20ft) 1.5kW 65rpm 380V/220V 3.6A/6.3 A 13500 m³/min 1480 m² 105kg 43dBA
FW-18 5.5m (18ft) 1.5kW 75rpm 380V/220V 3.6A/6.3 A 12000 m³/min 1200 m² 100kg 43dBA


Motor Reducer

German imported ABM motor, 42CrMo output shaft & double tapered bearing; low pressure cast aluminum (special gear arrangement); Dust-proof oil seal (double oil seal design); No breather cap, maintenance-free; Ultra-low energy consumption; Superfine grinding.

Control System

Our big industrial fan uses Denmark ‘Danfoss’ transducer, the built-in RF interference filter, and the brake chopper has the function of restraining radio interference and braking;
It has the functions of an earth fault, over and short circuit protection, and so on;
The box has a Schneider three-gear switch and an infinitely variable speed knob.


We import American Airlines' AA7075 super-hard alloy, along with Japanese precision high-pressure forging technology (sigma B 600 mpa), T6 heat treatment, CNC precision machining as well as a dynamic balance check;

The Industrial HVLS fan hub is built by a Japanese senior corporation, which has focused on the precision forging of aluminum alloy for 60 years. Hub and motor cover are put together. The product quality is guaranteed. Ensure the product's tolerance and dynamic balance are as accurate and reliable as the hub of a car.
Chongqing Julai Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd. is the previous company in China to adopt the combination device of anti-falling disk and top hub cover; that is to ensure we are the outstanding factory that combines upper and lower chassis with fixed fan wing to solve the safety problem (at present, the other manufacturers mostly use the single chassis to reduce cost). At the same time, this reduces the weight of the whole big industrial ceiling fan and improves the motor's efficiency to realize a perfect combination.

The anti-falling disk adopts the lower part, closely connecting with the hub. This improves the current market situation of connecting the anti-falling disk with the frame, with a certain risk of operating.

Fan Blade

The size of the industrial ceiling fan blade is amplified by 20% of all the current fan sizes, which will increase the air volume. It also proves that the weight of the whole machine is reduced and the motor's efficiency is improved.

The fan blade adopts the internal steel cable, the stiffened reinforcement combination, the fan blade, the fixed point line, and the surface safety method. (Currently, two bolts are used in the fixed way in China, and it is easier to aggravate the damage of the fan blade fatigue point).

five propeller shape, import American Airlines high-performance aluminum alloy material:
-Long-life warranty;
Shape design developed by Profile V2 airfoil simulation analysis software
-To ensure the maximum comfort of the fan effect


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