About the big
 ceiling fans used in cattle farm

 By Julai  August 19 , 2022 Farm

Purchaser : James is a farmer from Texas.

Problem : The hospitable James has a strong body and a big beard. The optimistic James has also encountered troubles recently. Because the cows in the family are constantly giving birth, the original old cowshed can no longer meet the current needs, so XX urgently needs to expand the size of the cowshed. However, if we continue to use the original equipment to purchase, the budget is not sufficient.

Solution : In the end, James accidentally discovered our products through Facebook. Through the conversation with the optimistic James, I learned that James hopes to find a product with an affordable price and a relatively high cost performance. When you know that we are the world's largest fan factory. Quickly ordered 5 wall-mounted fans and 10 negative pressure fans. Now the XX family’s cowshed has been built for a long time, and our products thrive with the calves being born continuously.

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